Best fun times table songs that will make kids smile today

Why use times table songs?

This list of best times table songs is to help children learn and remember the times tables in a fun way. Multiplication songs are just one way of teaching the times tables. Worksheets, games, and activities for teaching the multiplication tables are also a fun and engaging way of teaching kids to learn math. From KS1 to KS2, children engage in a similar activity, trying to learn the times tables using different methods.

How to help

Happy song to times tables!

Helping your child memorize the times tables enables them to have confidence. Additionally, kids who do not learn the times tables will most likely fall behind in mathematics and begin to lose confidence. Furthermore, other subjects use maths like science, and children require being confident in all subjects.

Best times table songs for year 4.

Year 4 students should be able to use and remember division and multiplication facts for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 multiplication including 12 x 12. You can check out which times tables your child should know for each age group here. Your child will be required to take a multiplication test in year four. Read about the test here.

Just love the chant!

Pinkfong, the 5 times table song.

Pinkfong is a fun and educational multiplication table song video that is a favorite for millions of kids around the globe. It has hundreds of songs and stories created by Pinkfong which is the creator of the worldwide hit Baby Shark.

This website has got a perfect way of memorizing the multiples of 4 through break dancing. Cool, huh! It presents a live-action video with an electronic dance track. This song targets grade 3 and 4 students. There are also instructor’s recommendations for their common core standards.

Multiplication Mountain

This CD is full of songs for multiplications tables by Hap Palmer. There is one song for each table, with one sung with answers and the other sung without answers. The child can fill out the answers by listening to the songs on the previous track.

Hip hop maths! Love it!

The songs are easy to listen to, engaging, and jolly. The music style varies with one song being jazzy, waltz, and the other being bluegrass. All the songs are harmonic, melodic, and have a medium beat making them easy to sing along with. The best song was the 6 times table. The songs are arranged in a specific order starting from the easiest to the hardest. This is in comparison to climbing a mountain. You will start from the bottom from 2s up to the 11s. Then you reach for the 12s in the sun.

Best times tables’ songs that are not babyish!

Most commercial multiplication songs are not catchy for kids. This is because they are preschool kind of music which does not appeal to the elementary age group kids. We can tell you what our options are and where you cannot go wrong. Read along to find out.

It’s time to sing along!

Flocabulary multiplication rap

Flocabulary video rap songs need a subscription that you can try out for free then pay $10 a month. The songs are not babyish or dorky but catchy which is one reason why they are loved by many. These songs undoubtedly have some of the best multiplication songs for kids.

Songs for teaching

This website has a huge collection of raps and songs for multiplication. Unfortunately, according to reviews none of the songs are catchy for kids. An advantage, however, is that the user can preview the songs.

Rock ‘n’ Learn

This website has multiplication song videos which are catchier and cute than most other websites. However, they do not have a big TV viewership but have iPad apps.

Multiplication Unplugged

This app is on iTunes and Amazon. These songs are catchy and will stick in your kids’ heads. There is also free streaming for Amazon Prime members.

In summary, there are a variety of products to learn multiplication tables. Additionally, they help kids learn tough and tricky multiplication tables. Upon mastering the multiplication tables they can advance to divisions.

Please note that there are paid versions of multiplication tables songs and free versions of the same. Feel free to explore the internet, especially YouTube to get the ones that perfectly fit your kid’s memorization skills. You can check these songs on the links below. Happy learning!

Finally, these are my best times tables songs. If you have any good ones that are not here, please do leave a comment below.


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