Why games to teach multiplication tables are fun

Games to teach multiplication tables range from online times tables games, interactive games to paper-based games. You can also play maths games outside with children to learn maths as well as in the hall or classroom. These can be individual, group or paired activities. When maths games are played repeatedly, children will retain and learn information in a constructive and relaxed way.

Games are a great way to improve children’s knowledge of maths.

They are a concrete and meaningful way to learn. They provide children with the opportunity to enjoy maths but take part in activities that will enhance their understanding of maths.

Dance with maths!

Furthermore, children will gladly participate in games to teach multiplication tables, as opposed to just doing worksheets all the time. Yes, there is a place for worksheets, but this should be balanced with other activities. Using games to teach multiplication tables is a good alternative method to use.

You can increase knowledge and learning outcomes as children are actively participating in games, particularly those games that require problem solving skills and teamwork.

Games to teach multiplication tables are not limited to just the classroom. Children can use these games at home or at school to improve and develop their skills.

Additionally, playing maths games allows children to work independently of the class teacher, tutor or parents/carer.

They can use paper and online based games and puzzles to improve their multiplication skills, and additionally they can check their answers without the help of an adult.

Finally, kids respond well to activities when they have fun and become more engaged and interested in the subject. Many children state that they learn more when they play. The reason for this is it is less stressful, no issues with getting things wrong and they enjoy interacting with their friends or solving problems on their own.

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