Top 5 free online multiplication tables games kids love!

There are many approaches to learning the times tables, just as there are many different learning styles. Online multiplication tables games is just one of them.

Kids do not have to stick to one method. They should be encouraged to use a variety of methods so that they do not get bored and give up. Times tables games for kids are a method that can be used both online and offline. Millennial children are used to playing games online or using the internet as a learning resource. 

Children will appreciate learning the times tables online via the use of an online multiplications games. There are so many online times tables games to choose from. There is no reason not to try an online maths game – most are free and do not require any particular software. What they do require is the willingness to try them! That’s all! I compiled a list of my favourite online games. I have also included a link to online printable games for the times tables. Here you will find a range of printable games that children can play on the go or at home or school.

Times tables game for kidsHit the button by Top Marks. 

This is a simple game. Select the times table to play. A times tables question will flash up and they just have to hit the button to answer it. This is great for any age group to refresh their times tables skills. The game is for one player. This times tables game is free to play and goes up to times tables 12. It is to practise individual times tables and mixed times tables. My students enjoy playing this one. This site is secure. 

times table games for kids

Multiplication times tables game for kids, snakes and ladders by NinaLaZina. 

Snakes and Ladders 3 Times Tables

Times table, mental maths train by Top Marks.

Kids can select to do just a single times table or groups of tables together. These are advert free games and just requires them to select the correct number. This site is secure. 

maths game online kids

Grand Prix times tables game for kids by Arcademics. 

Which car will win? Can you get the most correct answers to become the winner of the race? A fun way to learn the times table and win a grand pix race! Easy to play. This one is not free from adverts. The times tables are selected by the computer randomly. This site is secure. 

online free multiplication game

Times tables game for kids – maths fishing by Mathsframe. 

There is something lovely about being near the water and fishing. This game is fun. Children have to catch fish to earn the chance to answer multiplication questions. The character can also have your name. You can see me in the picture. I am the boy called Nina! This game is advert free. It makes them think and test the times tables at the same time. It has a handy guide as to which times table the children should be learning for each year group. This is a great one for schools as it will keep them occupied for a while! This site is secure. 

Game for kids online multiplication

Finally, I hope the children enjoy these online multiplication games. If there are any good times tables games that I have missed off the list, please leave a comment below. Have a fun time playing times tables games with the kids! 


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