How to play snakes and ladders multiplication

Snakes and ladders multiplication is a wonderful way to learn. This is how to play the multiplication version that I have created. All games can be found on the snakes and ladders multiplication section.

Resources needed

1: One die and a snakes and ladders playing board

2: Counters  

How to play snakes and ladders multiplication

1. Place your counters on the Start space.

2. Each player takes their turn to roll the die.

3. They move their piece to the number of times on the die. For example, roll 4 move 4 places.

4. If your counter lands at the bottom of the ladder, you move up to the top of the ladder.

5. If your counter lands on the head of the snake, you slide down to the bottom of the snake.

6. Each time you land on a square you must answer the times table questions. If you get it wrong, you miss a go.

7. The winner is the person that lands on the Finish space first. 

History of playing snakes and ladders

After reading how to play snakes and ladders multiplication – here is the history of snakes and ladders.

Snakes and Ladders is a renowned board game which was developed in Ancient
India. It was originally known as Moksha Patamu.

This early version of the game was created to reinforce the Hindu philosophies
of Karma ( करर ) and Samskara (सससक्कारं ). Karma means ‘getting what you give’.
If you are kind and nice, good things will happen to you. If you are not nice, bad
things will happen to you. Samskara is a belief that we all have experiences
from a previous life. These experiences shape our personality and direct how we
live our life.

Snakes and ladders is based on luck. This embraces the ideas of Karma and
Samskara, which are based around fate and destiny.

My husband says luck has got nothing to do with it. He says you control your
own destiny when playing snakes and ladders – by cheating! ☺ I do not condone

Finally, I hope this ‘how to play’ guide is useful. Children also like making up their own rules and forfeits. Have fun!

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