Discover fun and easy printable board games kids will adore

Fun printable board games is not something most of us think of as exciting!

Most children struggle with mathematics from time to time, and sitting down to learn the times tables is no exception. Maths multiplication doesn’t have to be boring. There are many creative ways to help children learn and understanding mathematical principles. Printable board games are a great way to engage children. The techniques we’ve found will stimulate auditory, sensory and visual learning to boost their ability to understand the times tables. We’ve compiled the four best ways to learn using sound, games multiplication, puzzles and videos:

Grab a room’ multiplication printable board game

Grab a room is an easy multiplication tables board game for 2 to 4 players. Place a counter in each room. The winner is the first person to place a counter in each of the four rooms. No dice required. Players can move around the board one step at a time, answering all the questions as they go. This is a mixed times tables.

Printable Board Game Multiplication For Kids to love!
Unique game only by NinaLaZina!

Read which multiplication tables should children know here.

The government multiplication table check. What is it?

Fun snakes and ladders printable board games!

Printable board game snakes and ladders 3 times tables game for kids to enjoy!
Printable board times tables games by Ninalazina.

Snakes and ladders multiplication tables game includes a bonus of over 8 activities with answers. Multiplication games are fun way to learn. Firstly, let’s face it, learning the multiplication tables can be tedious for some children. This is a great way to bring fun and enjoyment into learning the multiplications tables.

Roll dice multiplication!

Use a pair of dice and quiz the kids on the multiplication of the outcome. Grab a free multiplication table dice game here.

Free Board Game Multiplication Dice Game.
Free printable board games, multiplication dice game.

The winner has the most correct answers after a dramatic countdown. Add incentives for winning, such as gold stars or badges. If the game begins to become too easy, try adding a third or fourth die to the mix to keep it interesting! Here is a free dice multiplication game.

More dice games from NinaLaZina

Dice play board game multiplication tables for kids to enjoy learning the times tables.
Friendly ways to learn!

Snap board game!

This is a fun maths game for multiplication. Kids just love learning by playing fun multiplication games and these kids printable snap math memory games are such fun. They do not need to know the times tables. I have included pictures, to help them match up the times tables. This memory game is for all age groups and very easy to play. This is a great times tables game for them to play. This is a great way for kids to learn the multiplication tables and have fun. Download and use, high quality printable multiplication games & activities
teaching resources here.

Memory board card game for kids to learn the multiplication tables
Unique snap times table game by NinaLaZina

Math games – Sudoku easy for kids!

Maths Games Fun - learn thinning skills with Sudoku. Easy level for kids to enjoy.
Exercise the brain!

Games are a great way to learn as they challenge us to use multiple areas of the brain for processing information, by utilizing and enhancing functional connectivity. Furthermore, scientists confirm that exercising the brain by solving problems through video games allows the brain to learn more efficiently.

 Ninalazina also has a wide range of educational games multiplication products on sale at her Etsy store, so be sure to check them out!

Now that we have a list of fun activities to try, we can combine them to make learning the times tables extra fun. We know that some children learn more efficiently from certain types of learning, but by combining maths games multiplication to make them fun we can learn all the times tables in no time! Utilising fun games keeps children interested in learning for longer, allowing deeper understanding using problem-solving and puzzles.

To Conclude:

Finally, printable multiplication board games and puzzles also stimulate learning later in life, boosting memory recall. Children also love mathematics tricks such as the ‘nine times table finger trick’. These can be very helpful when they are trying to learn the times tables.

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