Printable Multiplication Tables Games By NinaLaZina

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Printable multiplication games are a fun way to learn the multiplication facts.

Multiplication games are fun way to learn. Firstly, let’s face it, learning the multiplication tables can be tedious for some children. Some children may thrive on learning them and find enjoyment in getting answers correct and challenging themselves. These children tend to be able to learn the facts very quickly. Furthermore, they quickly understand how the multiplication tables work and can find different methods to remember them. Grab free printable times tables games here.

But what if your child is struggling to learn the multiplication tables?

They are doing all they can but still frustrated as they cannot master the facts no matter what they try to do. This can be off-putting for children as well as the person trying to help them. Times tables them just becomes a battle. Consequently, there are no actual winners as the child becomes increasingly weary of them and would prefer to do anything else but learn the multiplication tables. I call this multiplication nightmare! What if there was a better way and less stressful for children and you? Find out what multiplication tables children should know here?

Imagine the fun they would have, and with regular practice with multiplication games, they would remember multiplication tables.

Find out practical ways to teach to help your child learn the multiplication tables.

help teaching the times tables
teaching the times tables

Would it not be great if there were fun multiplication activities they could do on their own, or with another child, family member at home, or in small groups at school.? Furthermore, consider how great it would be if it did not matter if they got the answers wrong but they were still learning.  What if all that mattered was that they are having fun and slowly understanding and memorizing the multiplication tables. Visit our printable board games and activities for multiplication tables shop.

This is why I started to design printable multiplication games for children.

Many of my students did not want to sit around reciting the times tables. They were frustrated with trying to learn them. Indeed, some parents said they could not help them as the parents were not confident with the answers for the multiplication tables. Therefore, I created games that anyone can play. Regardless to whether you know the times tables or not! Games which allow you to look at the answers. Activities where you literally copy what your opponent says, or can figure out the answer by looking at a picture. Children learn as they play! Try some of our free multiplication activities today.