Printable Multiplication Tables Games

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The Importance of teaching multiplication strategies to help your child

Multiplication Board Games By NinaLaZina

Multiplication Board Games I developed my multiplication board games as I remember when I was younger just having to chant songs. There was not a range of times table games to select from and I think that is incredibly sad. Furthermore, learning the times tables should be accessible to all children and utilize all learning […]

Multiply by 6 Puzzle Worksheet Drill FREE

Multiply by 6 Worksheets – The importance of learning the times tables To Multiply by 6 as well as learning to multiply all the other times tables quickly and correctly is a life skill that all children need. There are so many wonderful ways to learn the multiplication tables and children with different learning needs […]

The Importance of teaching multiplication strategies to help your child

Teaching multiplication strategies to help your child understand and remember the multiplication tables. Understanding and memorizing the multiplication facts ensures that children can work out maths problems. They then can quickly answer questions, both in their head and on paper. Children will also be more confident when endeavoring to learn other aspects of maths that […]

Maths Multiplication Games Fun Made Simple

Can maths multiplication games be fun? Fun Multiplication Games is not something most of us think of as fun! Most children struggle with mathematics from time to time, and sitting down to learn the times tables is no exception. Maths multiplication doesn’t have to be boring,. There are many creative ways to hgelp children learn […]

Guaranteed No Stress Multiplication Times Table Help

It does not seem fair – some children do not need multiplication times table help. These children start at about age of 7 and within a few months or the year they know them all up to 12!  Some children start even younger.  However, this is not the case for many children. These children struggle […]

9 Times Table Multiplication Trick

The 9 Times Table Trick is a Cool trick to learn! There are so many multiplication tables to learn. It may seem to children that they will never learn all of them! Any help we give them to learn some quickly and without having to memorize them by rote is always going to be helpful. There […]

How to teach Kids Multiplication

‘How to teach kids multiplication’ is a very strange questions for me! I cannot remember learning the multiplication table when I was at school! I do recall enjoying maths, but I have no recollection of anyone teaching me the multiplications tables. That was many decades ago and things have changed – thankfully! Most good schools […]

The Secrets Of Using Blank 100 Square Grid Get Kids Ahead in Maths

Want More Printable Maths Games – Visit My Store What is a blank 100 square?  A blank 100 square is a square box with 100 squares within it. It is divided  equally and allows children to write numbers one to one hundred in the boxes.  Each square is allocated a specific number. The numbers go […]


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