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Multiplication Board Game Grab A Room

Fun multiplication table board games to practice the times tables.

1: Select FOUR counters each the same colour.
2: Place one counter on the START.
3. Take it in turns to move one square at a time.
4: Answer the times table questions AS YOU GO. If you get it wrong, miss a turn. 5: When you enter a room, place the counter in the room. 6: Repeat steps 2- 5 with the rest of your counters. THE WINNER – THE FIRST PERSON TO PLACE A COUNTER IN EACH ROOM.

Game can be laminated.

6 Times Tables Activity Puzzle Pack with hero characters on the front , yellow.

Help children multiply by 6 with this multiplication six activity pack.

This multiply by 6 games is a fun activity booklet to help children learn and reinforce the multiplications tables using a variety of fun and engaging activities. By using different types of multiplication activities parents / carers / teachers can help children to learn the multiplication tables in an enjoyable stress free way. Happy, smiley children have fun!

snap printable board game times tables game printable

Multiplication Practice Memory Games.

For one or more players. Kids just love learning by playing games and these kids printable memory games are such fun. They do not need to know the times tables. I have included pictures, to help them match up the times tables. This Multiplication Practice Games. is for all age groups and very easy to play. This is a great way for kids to learn the multiplication tables and have fun. Download and use, high quality printable multiplication games & activities teaching . Great for learning and for school as well.

Included Multiplication cards 8, 9 and 12 – just print and play! Just cut out and start to play. Full instructions included. I designed this one for my older plus students that are still struggling with remembering some of the harder times tables.