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How NinaLa Zina’s Printable Games Is Putting Fun Back into Learning The Times Tables!

Hertfordshire, UK: Seeing first-hand children’s daily struggles with multiplication, self-employed numeracy tutor Nina Odejimi-Riley has devised an inspirational solution that helps children learn their times tables in a fast, interactive way.


Nina launchedNinaLaZina Printable Games on Etsy, an interactive website that offers downloadable educational games, by drawing on her classroom experiences as a former numeracy teacher in several London schools over the last decade.


With top-quality design grabbing their attention and imagination, the games introduce children to multiplication in a fun and exciting way. To her delight, they have been downloaded scores of times by parents across the globe and received glowing testimonials.


“I know children get bored very quickly, very easily and I have seen the daily frustrations and difficulties of children trying to grasp multiplication,” commented Nina, who now teaches numeracy on her online academy school .


 NinaLaZina features 146 games and products on Etsy and are open to all age groups. They’re also a reflection of how Nina wants children to learn: in a fun environment with smiles on their faces.


One of her most popular printable games is her Snakes and Ladders multiplication games, of which there are 22. She has also developed an online replica of the printed versions. https://onlinegames- byninalazina.com/snakes-and-ladders-times-table/


The easy-to-follow maths games are on offer in themes ranging from football to maths birthday cards to bingo and Sudoku. While offering an opportunity for children to build their knowledge base, improve confidence and encourage sharing, they also include maths drills to help children reinforce what they have learned.


“Children love it when they are pitted against a clock or each other, and this improves their confidence and willingness to learn the rest of the tables. Games are the way to go,” she added.


Testimonials have been overwhelmingly positive. One buyer of a Snakes and Ladders game for their son, said: “This is an awesome game that I played with my six-year-old. Fun while you learn. l look forward to many more enjoyable games.”


Another parent added: ” I love the fact that it also includes some literacy as well. She learned the name of new snakes.”


NinaLaZina’s printable games are on offer at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Ninalazina

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