How to motivate kids to study the multiplication tables – the successful way

The initial enthusiasm that children have for learning the times tables can soon waver. The question is, ‘How can we motivate kids to study multiplication tables?’

Some children find learning the facts thrilling but not all of them do. It is difficult to keep children motivated to study the multiplication tables, particularly for children that do not enjoy maths or learning multiplication tables. This is not uncommon and unnatural.

The key is to keep up the hard work and perseverance and let them learn a little bit at a time. I do understand from experience that it is difficult to motivate a child that is uninterested in learning the multiplication tables. This is the challenge that we must overcome to allow the children to learn and develop an understanding of multiplication tables.

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times tables colour by numbers art
Art multiplication colour by numbers

Help your child with motivation and discipline to study the multiplication tables

Explain to the children that if they study the multiplication tables from an early age, they will find other aspects of maths more enjoyable and less difficult to understand. Make sure that they understand that it is especially important that they learn the multiplication tables and learn them well.

Additionally, let them know that you would not be helping them with the multiplication tables if you felt it was not important for them. Make the connection between what they are doing now and what they will have to do in later years – for example in secondary school.

Furthermore, try to connect it with a career. It doesn’t matter which career. Just explain to them that sometimes in a career there are aspects of work you will not find enjoyable, but they just need to be done. And if you are confident with your knowledge of the times tables. Let them know and say you will learn it together! Those who learn together stay together – okay not quite the saying but you know what I mean. 



Set achievable goals to learn the multiplication tables

Ensure that you let the children know that the hard work they put in to learn the multiplication tables will be acknowledged and that they will reap the benefits at the end of it. Go slowly. Try 15 minutes a day for five days or 20 minutes a day for five days a week. Find out which multiplication tables they should know and stick with that.  

If they do not know any of the multiplication tables, just start at what they should know in year 2, and work your way up. Vary the activities that the children do to learn the multiplication tables. Try to ask them what they would like to do on a given day.

For example, would they like to listen to a song about multiplication? Play games like a table mat or multiplication snakes and ladders? Children that are encouraged and asked for their opinion are more likely to continue to learn the multiplication tables. Additionally, they are more likely to be engaged in learning and be more motivated.

teach maths through dance. how to motivate kids to study the multiplcation tables
Teach maths through dance

Reward success and give praise is how to motivate kids to study

Ensure that you give plenty of praise. Furthermore, reward their hard work even at the end of an activity that they don’t do particularly well. It doesn’t matter. The fact is, if they have sat there and worked hard and done their best, that is all that matters! Another day is coming, and they can try again.

It is important to give positive reinforcement which will improve their self-confidence. It will also ensure that they have a better outlook on getting things wrong. They will realize that it is just a part of life.

Beware of harsh criticism. If they do not get 10 out of 10, or 20 out of 20. It does not matter. Progress takes time, and as time goes by, you will see a dramatic improvement in their multiplication tables. Just help them to stay motivated and disciplined.

Finally, remember that there are so many ways to learn multiplication tables. Check out some great ways to learn and to keep your child motivated to study the times tables here. Motivating kids to study have just gotten easier!

Times tables face smile face
Times tables smiley face

Finally, remember there are so many ways to learn multiplication tables. Check out some great ways to learn and how to keep your child motivated to study the times tables here. How to motivate kids to study just got easier!

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