Why printable times tables grid succeed the awesome way

Times table grid

The times table grid is known as multiplication table grid, 100 squares or the times tables square.

What is a multiplication table grid?

A times tables grid is a chart that gives the answers to the multiplication tables. This chart normally goes up to the 12 times tables. It is arranged with numbers vertically and horizontally.  

The grid is a small aid that can help give the answers quickly and accurately – if the child is taught how to use them correctly. Children that find using this difficult can use a multiplications poster instead. This lists all the individual times tables in separate columns.

Below is a multiplication grid. The gird is excellent for students who have just started to learn their times table. It is also great for those who are having problems remembering the times tables.  It is an aid that can help them to build confidence and to learn the times tables when used along with many other methods of learning the multiplication tables.

How to use a times table grid

times table gird

So, you can see there that you have the vertical side (see the purple arrow) of it which, I have drawn for you in purple. We have the horizontal side (see the red arrow) of it which, I have drawn in red.

To find out what 4 times 3 is. They would find the 4 on the vertical side and then move along to the right until they are in the box which has the number 3 running along the top of the horizontal row. I have shown it in the diagram above. Children can move across the horizontal rows and down the vertical columns with their fingers until they meet the answers.

Where to find a multiplication grid

I have a free times tables printable grid which you can download.

Colorful times tables chart

You can also find different sizes and colors of grids here.

I have also put together a printable times tables grid with a bundle of other multiplication tables games here.

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