Great project ideas must include art multiplication tables – let them draw

Multiplication art project ideas to help children learn

Drawing and colouring are not just for art lessons it is a great multiplication project idea. These creative skills can be used to help and aid in learning the multiplication tables. These cross-curriculum activities are a powerful method for children to learn multiplication tables. Children will be less stressed, free, and relaxed. I love the idea of combining art with maths. For example, colouring and maths go wonderfully together. This is particularly true for children that enjoy art but not maths. Children find renewed energy and enthusiasm when faced with a drawing or colouring exercise which is related to the times table. Here are the reasons I believe art should be used to help with learning the multiplication tables:

More art colour multiplication here.

times tables colour by numbers art
Art multiplication colour by numbers

1: As I have stated above, drawing and colouring do not have to be the seclusion of art lessons only. Children can use drawing and colouring to aid with helping to learn maths and indeed in many other lessons.

2: Using art to help is good for children’s mental health. It helps children to be relaxed and calm and not think of the pressures of learning the multiplication tables.

3: Children have a great sense of achievement when participating in art activities. However, children are still learning the multiplication tables. Additionally, children also love the idea that at the end of the activity they have something concrete to show. A physical picture that can be represented on the wall of the classroom or in the home. Get more inspirations for teaching the multiplication tables.

More reasons why art helps

4: Art activities can help with problem solving and memory. Children must decide and make decisions about which colours to select and which numbers are appropriate for each colour. This reinforces the multiplication tables in a positive way rather than in a negative way.

5: Art activities in maths, also teaches an eye for detail and patience. It takes a great deal of patience to learn the multiplication tables. Art and maths activities encourage children to be patient and thoughtful.

6: It distracts the child from the idea that they are learning the times tables. It focuses their concentration on alternative aspects of work such as colouring and drawing, but at the same time the child is learning the multiplication tables.

Finally, multiplication project ideas can include drawing and colouring can be an effective tool to help children learn and stay positive about the times table. It is especially great for those who have a creative side and love art. As I always say, ‘Happy, smiley children learn more.’

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