At last, now the great secret to the multiplication tables check (MTC)

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What is the multiplication tables check (MTC)?

The multiplication check is a year 4 assessment which is taken by students at the end of year 4. The multiplication check is designed to assess the times tables ability of children by the end of year 4 around the age of 9.

Why is the multiplication tables check important?  

It is important that children have the basics of maths to go on and do more advanced maths. Learning the multiplication tables by year four will give children a better chance of succeeding in different forms of maths from Algebra to Geometry. Children that do not know the times table do struggle in other areas of math and this also does not boost confidence. Children that learn their times table from an early age are often more capable of doing more advanced maths. This will also help when it comes to secondary school work.

How to prepare for the check

Free Multiplication Chart
Free multiplication chart

The multiplication check is a check of your child’s times tables knowledge, of which they would have built up over the last two to three years. Children should cram for it. It is a logical progression from what they actually know. So, students should not have to study any extra for the times table test, they should just be practising as normal. This should be around three or four times a week. The test is conducted online. Read government information on the multiplication check here.

How the multiplication check will be conducted

Questions are selected from one hundred and twenty one number facts that make up the multiplication tables 2 to 12 with particular emphasis on the 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 times tables. Each multiplication question will only appear once in any 25 question series. Children will not be asked to answer reversals of a question as part of the check (so if they’ve already answered 5 x 3 they won’t be asked about 3 x 5).

Children will input answers on their computer. There’s a 3 second pause before the next question. Children will be given the opportunity to practise answering questions in this format before the official multiplication check begins. Children are given a six-second time limit to answer each question. This should be enough time for them to recall the multiplication facts that they know.

When does it take place?

The test normally takes place in June each year. The multiplication tables check is a simple check and children should not feel pressurized when doing it.

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