Fun and easy multiplication board games by NinaLaZina. Make learning great

Multiplication board games

I developed my multiplication board games as I remember when I was younger just having to chant songs. There was not a range of times table games to select from and I think that is incredibly sad. Furthermore, learning the times tables should be accessible to all children and utilize all learning styles. Children learn in different ways. Some children may love doing times tables drill sheets as they find it competitive to pit themselves against a clock, others may like to listen to times tables songs and others may like to play a multiplication tables game. Most children would like a variety of all of those as it would get quite boring doing the same thing every day. Consequently, it can take a while to learn, memorize and understand the times tables and so it is important that children are given a wide range of activities to do so.

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times tables snakes and ladders
Multiplication board games by NinaLaZina

Find out which times tables your child should know and when.

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Here are two games below

Multiplication board dice game

Dice game multiplication

Make up your own multiplication board games

Here is a free template for them to make a boxes multiplication game. Use boxes template and play boxes to make a multiplication board game.

Example of boxes the multiplication game,

Free Boxes Game Template
Free dots and boxes game Template
Turn this into a multiplication game

When the child gets a box, they have to roll the dice which (you can make these dice into multiplication dice by writing on them) and answer the question. The opponent checks. If they get it right, they can claim the box by putting their initials in the box. If not, the opponent puts their name into the box. All you need for this is a free boxes template and dice. Use dice you have – decide on the times tables and they just multiply it by that number. If they roll a dice and get a six. If they selected the five times tables, just multiply six by five. Please download my boxes template above.

Some dice you can write on. See dice that can be changed into multiplication dice here.

Here is a free tic-tac-toe multiplication game for you to play. Rules included, or they could just make up their own rules.

Free tic-tac-toe multiplication board game with instructions.

Multiplication board games are a quick and easy way to learn.

You can just print as many copies as you want, and you will have an inexpensive or sometimes free times tables board game to help children to learn. Many children really do learn better when playing a game and interacting with others. Some like multiplication dice games which they can play by themselves or with a friend. Furthermore, they can also battle against the computer with times tables snakes and ladders online board game.

Drill sheets free to download

Times tables snakes and ladders printable

Sheets – multiplication drill sheet

Free boxes multiplication drill sheet

Drill – multiplication drill sheet

Another multiplication drill sheet

There are so many fabulous multiplication board games to select from. Try a few and see which one works well for the children. There are free games which can benefit children. See my free multiplication games here. I also have developed a range of printable times tables games. I developed these as snakes and ladders, an extremely easy game to learn and play. I have included rules, but I always encourage children to make up their own rules and they love doing this. Read here about ways to help children learn the multiplication

A printer and paper can be very inexpensive. I use this black and white brother printer laser( Brother HL-L2370DN Mono Laser Printer – Single Function.) I have been using it for years, and I am able to print much more than I could when I was constantly purchasing ink for ink jet printers. Laser is the best for families with children as it gives me so many copies and ink lasts a lot longer than an ink jet.

You get more prints from a laser jet

I think all children can learn with free and inexpensive multiplication board games

Often children become bored with games and toys, so it is best not to spend too much money on them. I find the simple games are the ones the children enjoy the most. You should not have to be spending 20 pounds and above to purchase a multiplication board game. There are many inexpensive and free ones available online. 🙂

Finally, have fun together playing a multiplication board game. It does not matter that they may not get the answers correct. Just have a chart of posters nearby so they can check their answers if they do get it wrong. Learn together, resist trying to make it a test of their skills all the time. Happy, smiley children have more fun!

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