Free friendly multiply by 6 puzzle worksheet drill

Multiply by 6 worksheets – the importance of learning the times tables

To multiply by 6 as well as learning to multiply all the other times tables quickly and correctly is a life skill that all children need. There are so many wonderful ways to learn the multiplication tables and children with different learning needs have an array of activities, games, and videos they can utilize to help them. You can help children learn by daily practise and using a variety of activities. Children do not have to learn all the times tables at once. They can learn them by utilizing this multiplication table strategy which groups particular times tables together, depending on the child’s year group at school. That is not to say some children do not learn them all by a particular age, but this is a great guide to help children learn them quickly but at the same time understand and comprehend them.

Multiply by six worksheets puzzle – great ways to reinforce the multiplication tables

One method is to use drill worksheets. I do think this should be limited to a few times a week as there are so many more interesting ways to learn. But these are great for reinforcing and identifying which multiplication tables a child does not know. Grab free multiplication worksheets and puzzles.

Free multiplication by 6, worksheets match up the answer. Answers included

Worded questions are also a great way to practise what they have learnt – using real life situations. Here is a free 6 times tables multiplication table worded questions with answers.

Free multiply by 6 worksheet – match-up the answer pdf

Free Printable Games By NinaLaZina
Free Printable Games By NinaLaZina

These multiply by six worksheets are free to download as a pdf version. I am passionate about learning the times tables. I do not remember having any resources when I was younger to learn them. Here are four free six times tables worksheets and puzzles from my pack. I love this 6 times table activity as it allows children to see the answer and just draw a line to it. This helps build confidence and does keep some children very engaged. Also, it means children can check their own work.

1: The multiply by six worksheet puzzle ‘Match -up the answer’ 1

2: Next multiply by six worksheet puzzle ‘Match -up the answer’ 2

3: Third multiply by six worksheet puzzle ‘Match -up the answer’ 3

4: Final, multiply by six  worksheet puzzle ‘Match -up the answer’ 4

Grab this free multiply by six bingo. Four 6 times tables bingo cards and one calling sheet. Happy, smiley kids have fun!

Multiply by 6 with answers – why answers for multiplication tables are so important

I think it is so important to have the answers readily available, so all my activities come with answers supplied or a separate answer sheet or poster card.

Finally, I was not given the opportunity at school to have various ways to learn the multiplication tables. Thus, this is my contribution to society as I want children to have activities and resources that can make learning the multiplication tables enjoyable, fun and understandable.  


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