Great blank 100 square grid get kids to love maths

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What is a blank 100 square? 
A blank 100 square is a square box with 100 squares within it. It is divided equally and allows children to write numbers one to one hundred in the boxes. Each square is allocated a specific number. The numbers go up in multiples depending on which column you start in. They can be portrait or landscape. They can be surrounded by a picture of just a plain box.
Find picture blank100 square here
Find a picture 100 numbers square here

Why use a blank 100 square ?
Number squares are a great way to introduce the number system to children as they can see the patterns that are formed by numbers. It is also useful for doing addition and subtraction. Children can use the 100 square to count backwards and forward. They can also use the 100 squares to fill out specific numbers. For example, children could be asked to find where the number 20 goes on the blank 100 square.

Who uses blank 100 squares?

Many teaches and tutors use a blank number square as it can help with teaching the whole class and allows independent work from the children. I use a number square to get children to count forwards and backwards as well as showing them the patterns that are formed by the numbers. Maths is all about patterns and if we can teach this to children from an early age, then we are off to a great start.

Use online splat. This online game is great. Ask your child to splat certain numbers and use the activities above to make new games to play on splat.

Splat online 100 square game by Primary games

The benefits of using a blank 100 square

There are so many benefits
– Children start to see number patterns
– Children can start to count in multiples e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
– It reinforces counting backwards and forwards
– It’s excellent for visual learners as they can see the numbers and patterns
– It is great for whole class teaching as the teacher can lead from the front and the children can peer assess
– Get children talking about numbers and patterns

Where can I get blank 100 squares?

You can pick up a free 100 square blank and numbered. I also have blank 100 square picture versions available on my Etsy store. The picture versions are a great way to get kids interested and it is not so maths orientated, as it is a plain number square. Plain ones can be quite intimidating for children, so I have designed this version to be more child friendly, especially for the younger ones! There is something for everyone – from a bag to an android!
Find free a 100 blank square here.

Different types of 100 squares?
There are blank 100 squares or 100 squares with the numbers already written in them. I have both types on my Etsy store. A blank one and one with numbers included. I have also included a blank one without an image and a numbered one with an image.

100 square grid birthday card
Maths birthday card 100 square grid

To conclude:

100 squares are a great resource to have in your tool kit. These simple squares can make an exciting activity and children will learn about numbers and patterns as they use them. If you have any interesting ways you use a number square then please do leave a comment below.

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