How to make maths more engaging and fun for children

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Multiplication Knowledge GameTime to pass your GCSE Maths or SATs
Maths can be fun! 
An overwhelming majority of pupils do not reach their full potential in maths and that is not because they are not ‘good’ at it. They do not find maths engaging or enjoyable. Most of the time, they repeatedly fail either, because they have special educational needs, bored with the maths at school, cannot understand the maths concepts and/or have a teacher or tutor that does not make it interesting.
The challenge for tutors is how to offer the assistance required to build their confidence and enjoyment of maths. Maths is fun! Children should start learning the basic concept when they are young. Do not leave it until their GCSE exams. However, even if your child is not predicted a pass or they state that they hate maths, there is still hope. They can still get that much-anticipated C (under new guidelines) and pass their GCSE Maths exams. How to make Maths more engaging and fun for children and teenagers.

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