Free maths times table puzzle with answers

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Free maths times table puzzle with answers

We all love to play games and are often motivated to win! Puzzles and games help children to explore numbers in a relaxed and fun environment with friends, class mates and family. It reinforces skills such as the times tables and counting place value. It allows a child to develop a deeper understanding of maths and so they become confident and begin to enjoy maths. Repetition is key, as this is the most valuable aspect of teaching maths. Children love to play games they enjoy over and over. Why maths puzzles and games

-Doing maths puzzles and playing games means that the children can rely on each other. It provides an environment where the teacher or parent does not have to provide the answers. All my games and puzzles have answers. 
-Doing a puzzle or playing a game repeatedly supports the student’s development and encourages learning without them even knowing they are learning! 
-Parents can have fun playing maths games with their children, by playing fun and exciting maths games. 

I have a range of free maths puzzles and games on TES. Download yours now – why put it off? It’s free! 
Free Maths Puzzle  Game NinaLaZina


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