Multiplication songs 6 times tables, 6 times table song rap, and 6 times table games

6 times tables songs

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Learning the time tables using songs is a great way for kids to learn. Hearing the singing out of the times tables and seeing it flash in front of their eyes is a sure way to memorise the 6 times tables and a great fun way to learn maths – multiplication tables.

This is just one way to teach the times tables. Games, worksheets and activities that teach the multiplication tables are also a fun way for children to learn maths. From KS1 all the way to KS2, you will find that children will engage in one type of activity. Just try different ways to learn the times tables for years 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Have fun listening and playing multiplication games.

Build confidence by helping your child memorise the times tables. Students who have not mastered their multiplication tables will very often fall behind in math and begin to loose confidence. Remember there are other subjects that use maths, such as science, children need to be confident in all subjects.

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Multiplication songs 6 times tables/ 6 times table rap song/ 6 times table games

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