How to Teach Times Tables Easy Way/ Multiplication Tables Easily/ Fun ways to Teach

How to teach the times tables so children learn to recall  the facts   From KS1 Through To KS2. Teaching times tables well and robustly so that your pupils in KS1 or KS2 have instant recall of their times tables is an annual challenge for every primary school teacher and parents. 

Learn times tables and draw!

How to teach times tables easy way so that children enjoy learning them. How to make multiplication tables easily learnt  and fun ways to teach.

Learning the multiplications tables may seem daunting for some children, and they may feel that they will never remember all the multiplication facts! I completely understand, and that’s why I aim to make learning the multiplication tables fun by designing  creative ways to teach math facts.  I have put together my top tips for easy learning and games to play.

NinalaZina’s 10 top tips  – Creative ways to Teach Maths Facts

1. Roll and Times – For this easy times table game you can either play with 1 dice or 2. For an easier version, simple roll one dice and multiple the number it lands on by another number. For example, if it lands on 4, ask what 4 x 3 equals. For the more advanced child, simply roll 2 di, and multiply the 2 numbers.

2. Hit-The-Table! – This multiplication times table game focuses on quick maths. Lay 2 cards down on the table, for instance one with an 5, and one with a 6, the first student to gently slap the table and answer correctly, 30, would win the cards. At the end of the game, the winner would be the student with the most cards.

3. King / Queen of Sums – this multiplication  game is a similar variation of ‘Hit-The-Table’ but played between 2 students. Both students share half a pack of cards each, they each place one card on the table, and the first student to correctly answer the multiplication of the two numbers wins the cards. The student with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

4. Make 9times easy and fun to learn – this  one teaches students how to multiply their 9 times tables quickly. Simple ask the student to hold out their hands with their fingers spread out. For 9×4, ask them to bend down their fourth finger. Ask the student how many fingers are up before and how many are up after the fourth finger that’s down. That would be 3 before, and 6 after, making the answer 36. This easy modification works for the 9 times tables up to 9×10.

5. Make 4times easy and fun to learn – If your students know how to double numbers this one will be easy. Simply double a number twice, for example if they are calculating 5×4. 5 doubled is 10, and doubled again is 20 – making the answer.

6. Write on anywhere! –  now this is fun! This game is aimed at making multiplications more creative. Have 1 student shout out a multiplication, such as 3 x 6. The 2nd student would then write the answer anywhere – the wall, window or the door with a removable marker.

7. Komodo Learning – This learning requires an ipad or smart device. Simply visit and see your child’s maths skills and confidence grow. For ages 5 – 11.

8. Design a game – Let students design a game involving mathematics, this may be a board game and you have to calculate how many spaces to move forward etc. The student will enjoy the creative side of designing the game, and the pride of playing said game with their friends.
9. Practice online – There are lots of websites that you can visit to practice times tables online. Most games are very clear and you can play straight away.
Try Hit The Button – this is a creative and fun way to learn the multiplication facts. My students love it.

10 NinalaZina Games – Print one of our Ninalazina  Printable Games, ranging from snakes and ladders, Sudoku, to football games. They are fun, affordable and most of all, get results! This is my list of creative ways to learn the multiplication table! What do you think?

There are so many ways to teach times tables in an  easy way. Just use these  fun ways to teach the multiplication table and let us know what you think!

If you would like to see some more fun and exciting bespoke games and worksheet, please visit my Etsy store. You will find numerous times tables activities to keep children amused for a good time

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