Great selection of numeracy games for kids in KS2

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Here is a good selection of numeracy games for kids in KS2. I am sure many KS1 (up to year 2) children will also find these enjoyable to play. What is learning without games? I think games should be compulsory in all subjects, even when you go to university!  ☺

Multiplication poster – cheeky monkey!

Learning is more enjoyable when a variety of resources are used. I think it is vital to use both auditory and visual techniques for all students no matter what age group. Some would argue that you should teach to a student’s learning styles, but I believe that no learning style has any better outcome than another.

Therefore it is probably best to use a variety of styles and this will engage all aspects of learning.  Here are some of my recent games. I have tried to make them for all types of learners. Let me know what you think.

Use different techniques when trying to help your child. Let them watch a video on times tables, listen to songs, play multiplication times table games, count pasta, do worksheets and just have fun!

Traditional snakes and ladders with a twist!
Multiplication tic-tac-toe!
Multiplication Dominoes!
Multi-purpose flash cards!

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